A Top Most US Service Provider Joins Hands with Ceragon Networks Ltd (NASDAQ: CRNT) for Multi-Year Service Agreement

Ceragon Networks Ltd (NASDAQ: CRNT), one of the top solution providers of 5G wireless transport, announced that they joined hands with the US leading service provider in a multi-year managing service agreement.

New Wireless Network

The Service Provider wants to give a broad connectivity range to its customers using its fiber-optic network. They recently included wireless connectivity in their offers while expanding their broadband services. Now they will use Ceragon’s services to develop the wireless connections for optical management and an easy transition, with the inhibitory maintenance for anticipated OPEX.

Who is Ceragon?

Ceragon is a leading solution provider for 5G wireless transport. Their motto is to increase operational efficiency and the quality experience of end customers with their innovative front-end and back-end solutions to the operators and service providers.

They serve public safety organizations, service providers, utility organizations, and government agencies. These people refer to Ceragon for easy wireless broadband solutions, crucial multimedia transports, and stable communications.

Ceragon has a unique technology that helps in productivity, modernization. It makes them the game changer of the 5G era. Their approach to global wireless networks gives a high capacity and highly reliable network with minimum power, spectrum, and labor resource.

Ceragon’s Stance

Ceragon Networks Doron Arazi said they are happy to manage and operate this Service Provider’s wireless connections. Ceragon’s experience and expertise in the global wireless network make them a real game-changer. In addition, their designing, deploying, developing, managing, and supporting skills are impeccable.

The Telco managed services market is expected to increase over a 13% annual rate from 2021 to 2028. This market possesses great growth options for Ceragon to develop its business. They are excited to give this Service Provider’s customers the most smooth connectivity experience, with outstanding dependability and availability.

Ceragon offers its global end-to-end portfolio along with the operations and management of the whole wireless network of the service provider. The company plans to use its Netmaster Software Tools with Ceragon Global NOC (Network Operating Center) and AI Rich Ceramonitor.

The Bottom Line

More than 150 countries, more than 400 service providers, and 800 private owners use Ceragon’s global innovative solutions for their business.

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