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Adobe Inc (NASDAQ:ADBE) Strengthens Footprint in 3D Design Tools By Acquiring Allegorithmic

Adobe Inc (NASDAQ:ADBE) is off its lows and is currently trading above its 50days MA of $234.75. The stock gained 1.85% in the previous trading session. Here is another bolstering step taken by the company to boost its sales.

Adobe took over Allegorithmic to get access to the Substance 3D design tools. The company will merge the 3D design tools with its Creative Cloud’s video, imaging and motion graphics tools. The amalgamation allows VFX artists were working in the TV and film and video game creators, marketers, and designers to offer next-generation experiences.

The viewers will experience a blend of virtual and real creations soon. 3D content, VR, and AR would play a vital role in the success of the brands. Benefits of 3D content include reduced cost and time savings. It transforms the traditional workflows into digital and fully immersive experiences. The customer base of Adobe is fortunate to get an innovative range of tools for 3D projects.

Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer of Adobe, Scott Belsky said the company is seeing a trend from the customers for a fully immersive experience, which results from 3D technology. Creative platform – Creative Cloud and Substance 3D design tools complement the Creative Cloud Apps.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Allegorithmic, Sebastien Deguy said Adobe and Allegorithmic have the same passion for providing inspiring technologies to the designers.

Leadership change in Adobe

Brad Rencher, General Manager and Executive Vice President (Digital Experience Business) of Adobe will leave the company. Shantanu Narayen, Chief Executive Officer of Adobe, creates the new organization, which comprises marketing, sales, product, support, and services. He will ensure smooth functioning of the business until identifying a new leader.

Consumers expect enhanced privacy

Adobe joined hands with OneTrust to ensure privacy. Everyone is thinking about privacy. It is the general topic in California and worldwide. Improved awareness about protecting the data, ensuring privacy and gaining the trust of the users are the hot topics today. It is in-line with the corporate values of Adobe. Ensuring privacy improves brand loyalty. According to a recent study, 87% of the customers responded to shift their business elsewhere if they feel that data handling is in danger. Mobile app privacy is vital. Adobe along with OneTrust would offer new offerings and tools to address the privacy challenges of the mobile space.

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