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Ageagle Aerial Systems Inc (NYSE: UAVS) Aerial Systems Enlarges HempOverview™ Certifying Contract with the State of Florida

Ageagle Aerial Systems Inc (NYSE: UAVS) has extended its certifying of AgEagle’s HempOverview Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) podium, offering admittance to the platform’s full suite of technology-enabled abilities.

In November 2019, FDACS initially approved HempOverview’s registering component to achieve its online application proposal and recording process for hemp growers and their farms and hemp fields for 2020, 2021, and 2022 implanting periods. 

Expansion permits FDACS to influence the full range and influence of HempOverview’s software platform

The recent certifying extension allows FDACS to influence the full extent and control of HempOverview’s software platform, which comprises four complete components: registering, the real-time finest organization performs, omission and implementation, and recording. 

Included amongst a comprehensive range of advanced features and improved functionality, FDACS will involve HempOverview for:

Exclusive QR code generation on authorizations and Credentials of Examination;

Augmented mechanical reporting answers;

Client Service Delegate obtainable for client reply and help with online facility;

In-map note-taking and geo-located file uploading abilities; and

Auto-generated hemp crop obliteration orders based on THC testing results.

Holly Bell, Director of Cannabis at FDACS, stated: “Within the next few years, hemp agri-business in Florida is anticipated to signify around half the size of the state’s citrus business. Its evolution that is mainly being determined by profitable demand for hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD). With well over 11,000 certified acres of hemp agriculture listed to date in our state, AgEagle’s HempOverview know-how has established to be active in allowing our department to automatically process recordings with great comfort and efficacy.”

FDACS has tasked to develop a custom registration software platform

FDACS has also tasked AgEagle with evolving a custom registration software platform to improve infrastructures, authorizing and general obedience relating to the mistake and defense of more than 500 rare and commercially browbeaten wild plants innate to Florida. For example, to control misuse of saw palmetto, FDACS necessitates reapers and retailers of saw palmetto berries to get a Native Plant Harvesting Permit. 

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