Aikido Pharma Inc (NASDAQ: AIKI) Provides Update on Antiviral Platform

Aikido Pharma Inc (NASDAQ: AIKI) gave a piece of information on the progress of its antiviral platform with the University of Maryland School of Medicine.

Project on track: As per the Aikido, the project aims to identify and optimize antiviral company, which inhibits viral replication by focusing on a protein complex that degrades RNA at the cellular level. Scientists have recognized proteins requirement for viral replication in these viruses. In addition, computers are also used to support the approach by recognizing compounds, which is expected to predict block viral replication. Scientists identified four compounds that block Coronavirus (CoV-2), Influenza, and Ebolavirus replication from this ongoing project.

Working on to make compound better: The company expects that the future phase of the trial is expected to optimize one of the best outcomes from these compounds in the time to come. The company is trying to make these compounds even better for viral replication. Simultaneously, these compound’s usage and measure how these are expected to affect as per bioavailable in the lungs. The compounds will inhale in the patients either through injection or through an oral dose. The company aims to see that the compounds provide strong antiviral results against Coronavirus (CoV-2), Influenza, and Ebolavirus replication. As per the scientist, these illnesses are not met with any significant medical requirements as depicted by the continued resurgence. Therefore, the compounds, if result successful, are expected to provide a significant market opportunity to the company.

The Aikido Pharma platform contains patented technology from leading universities and researchers. The company is currently developing a unique drug platform with a strong pharma partner, including renowned universities. In addition, the company is continuously focusing on increasing its drug pipeline to meet the needs of oncology, which are currently unmet. Further, Aikido is also working on a broad-spectrum antiviral platform that may reduce multiple viruses and boost patient immunity.

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