Alamos Gold Inc (NYSE: AGI) Announces that Gold Mineralization Extended 150 Meters

Alamos Gold Inc (NYSE: AGI) announced that the gold mineralization has been stretched 150 meters underneath current Incidental Mineral Resources. 

2021 survey mining Suite – Young-Davidson Mine

An aggregate of $7 million is accounted for examination at Young-Davidson in 2021. It signifies the first critical examination program at Young-Davidson since 2011, with the emphasis over the last numerous years on implementing the lower mine growth. Moreover, the new lesser mine substructure provides better admittance to tools from underground at a distance.

The 2021 package comprises 13,000 m of underground examination tedious and 560 m of underground examination growth to institute drill podiums on the 9220-level. The emphasis of the underground exploration boring package is to expand Mineral Assets and Possessions in five objective areas that have been recognized within nearness to the current underground substructure. In addition, 7,500 m of surface boring is scheduled in the second half of 2021 to test near-surface boards near Young-Davidson and on numerous local objectives across the possessions.

Underground Examination Boring

Underground examination boring is directed from tool inlets established in the lower mine substructure at the 8990 and 8960 levels. A total of nine hovels (6,513 m) were finished in 2020 (from the 8990 and 8960 levels).

Eleven underground examination holes totaling 3,762 m have been finished as of June 30.

The current package aims at the down-plunge leeway of gold mineralization inside the Young-Davidson syenite, which hosts the mainstream of the Mineral Assets and Possessions. It also challenges the potential underexplored footwall Timiskaming residues and hanging wall Tisdale mafic-ultramafic accumulations.

Since beginning underground exploration boring in 2020, the package has been fruitful in spreading syenite-hosted gold mineralization 220 m below the preceding Mineral Resource (year-end 2019). It also backs an upsurge in Inferred Mineral Resources to 0.2 million jobs in the year-end 2020 Mineral Reserves, and Resource apprise. 

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