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AlarmCom Hldg Inc. (NASDAQ:ALRM) Enhances Product Offerings As It Lands Awards At CES 2019

AlarmCom Hldg Inc. (NASDAQ:ALRM) has had one of the best years so far with substantial product enhancements. Recently, the firm introduced two product lines in wellness and home automation. In particular, the firm provides smart cameras that can monitor family members, and them connect.

AlarmCom offers novel product lines

Notably, the smart camera, Wellcam, can provide clear views around the house using its high-resolution capabilities. In particular, one will only need to connect it to Wi-Fi, and it will transmit views of the whole house. Interestingly, AlarmCom touts this is giving the homeowner the ability to monitor children or the elderly. Besides, the camera entails video and audio call capabilities such that people can engage while in the house.

On the other hand, the company provides another product line that monitors a homeowner’s health-pattern. Notably, the firm installs sensors that use predictive analytics to provide insights into the health status of family members. This is to say that whenever a family member begins to depict adverse changes, the system will alert relevant people.

The firm lands prestigious award

Interestingly, knowledgeable commentators believe that such a product line is quite innovative. Further, the company recently introduced Smart Signal, which is a mobile App that complements the products. Notably, the app will bolster the solutions and making users easily interact with the solutions. Interestingly, users can view alarm alerts and respond to them. Further, the app can determine whether an alarm is false or not as well as enabling the user to send alerts.

According to knowledgeable observers, the array of solutions, and now the app, are significant developments that will affect share price. Interestingly, analysts at Zacks Investments Research observed that the stock price gained 47.7% in the last year. This is against the industry which declined 37.4% for the same period.

This is evidence of the firm’s robust growth strategy and the ability to provide innovative solutions that are high on demand. As evidence of the robust strategy, the firm landed some prestigious awards at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show.

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