Alfi, Inc. (NASDAQ: ALF) Advertising Market To Cross $50 Billion By 2026

Alfi, Inc. (NASDAQ: ALF) helps the corporates or individuals publish their contents or provide intelligent information without profaning owners’ privacy. The company stated that outcome from a global research report on assessing of trends and growth of DOOH (Digital Out Of Home) advertising markets.

$50 billion markets by 2026: With new technology, the current advertising market faces Digital Out of Home challenges. It has become an easy and effective way to get in touch and connect with the consumer. The survey was conducted by a research firm in the U.S., France, U.K, Asia, and Germany, indicated that approximately 95% of the executives in the advertising market expect DOOH to grow exponentially in the next couple of years.

As per the industry experts, DOOH, which was on slow growth in Q4 2020, is expected to surpass $50 billion in the next couple of years from $41.06 billion in Q4 2020, and the possibility of growing higher. This is because everyone in todays’ time is going digital and the advertising sector is making use of this changing technology and providing a platform to target customers through effective campaigns.

Why such a high growth?: The future growth in the advertising industry will be primarily driven by an increased spend on the digital platform, a focus on electronic campaigns, and a quicker increase in advertising through the rollout of the digital screen. The industry believes that the company such as Alfi has a huge potential in the years to come. They increase the delivery speed and ensure transparency without violating any norms.

Alfi helps its customers by providing various data regarding the number of times advertised being viewed and the viewer’s reaction to the advertisements. In addition, Alfi helps viewers by providing analytics, transparency, actual impressions, and accountability.

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