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Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Cloud To Benefit From At&T Inc. (NYSE:T)’s 8-Digit Deal With Mirantis And Likely To Disrupt $350 Billion Telecom Industry

AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) closed the day at $30.85 on a volume of 24.7Million shares. The stock has been trending upwords. Here is the latest update from the company.

AT&T signed an eight-digit deal with Mirantis as part of its ambitious project – Airship that could disrupt the $350 billion telecom industry soon. The company aims to develop a cloud platform that depends less on the traditional expensive hardware and software. It is economical. AT&T is likely to purchase expensive hardware from traditional vendors like VMware and Cisco.

AT&T would use Airship for its 5G network. The 8-digit deal with Mirantis helps AT&T to develop and manage the infrastructure for a 5G network. Boris Renski, Chief Marketing Officer and Co-founder of Mirantis, said AT&T need not buy expensive software and hardware from vendors including Juniper, Cisco, and Vmware in building the 5G network using Airship.

Google Cloud to benefit from Airship

AT&T would use the open source software – Airship that will run on the data centers to facilitate 5G functions such as processing or streaming of video, and routing of phone calls. Google Cloud to benefit a lot from the new ambitious project of AT&T.

The company would use open source software of Google for refreshing the 5G cycle instead of buying hardware and software from traditional vendors. The rollout will have implications far beyond the telecom network; other companies can also use Airship in their own data centers. The industries that could embrace Airship include healthcare companies to manufacturers.

OpenStack Foundation manages Airship

OpenStack Foundation manages Airship. Companies including AT&T, Comcast, and IBM, are members of OpenStack Foundation that holds many open source projects.

The airship is a blend of many open source software technologies that allow companies to build, manage and scale the large cloud projects just like the size of AT&T. It runs on commercially available and low-cost off-the-shelf hardware called COTS. Therefore, AT&T to achieve a lot of cost savings by adopting Airship project and increase revenues.

AT&T, Mirantis and other companies involved in Airship would make OpenStack to work with Kubernetes (K8S), another popular and open source cloud technology. The software container management system – K8S is popular for cloud apps that are scalable and interoperable on Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services.  AT&T is planning to settle the $171 billion debt through the sale of bonds.

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