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Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Discloses Plans To Shorten Chrome’s Release Cycles

Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) is stepping out of the norm with its Chrome release schedule. It has taken the company about a decade to implement an unprecedented change in releasing Chrome updates. One of the posts on Google’s Chromium Blog disclosed how the business was planning to reduce the six weeks release milestones from six to four weeks. The change from the six weeks to the four weeks shows its determination and dedication to improving users’ experience.

Major improvements

The latest move is one of the many efforts Google has been making to improve its service delivery across multiple segments. The company reveals that it will focus on improving speed, stability, and browser application security.

The technical program manager at Chrome, Alex Mineer, applauds the latest changes, terming the shortening of its release cycles a step towards the right direction. He discusses how the company has channeled efforts and resources towards improving its release process and testing programs, saying that product consumers stand to benefit from the changes’ deployment. He considers the company’s move to deploy the bi-weekly security updates as part of the concerted efforts to improve its patch gap.

The new ”Extended Stable” option

Google has also spoken about the addition of a new ”Extended Stable” option. The business says that the ones who stand to benefit from the new options are Chromium embedders and the enterprise administrators who need more time to manage updates. Google discloses that the above parties will receive updates after every eight weeks.

However, the company has assured product users that there won’t be any delays in releasing essential updates. According to Google, it will continue unveiling the important updates after every two weeks on the new ”Extended Stable” option.

Google is also considering making significant changes to its Chrome OS. The Chrome OS users will enjoy a more fantastic experience considering its planned move to support multiple stable release options. It will get in touch with the Chrome OS admins in a few months to come and share the most important details. Google says that it will continue making more desirable changes in the future as part of its efforts to improve the cust9omr experience.

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