AlsetEhome International Inc (NASDAQ: AEI) To Serve The Houston Area With Tesla PV Solar Panels, E.V. Chargers, And Powerwalls

AlsetEhome International Inc (NASDAQ: AEI) seeks to deliver what it regards as the modernistic model housing ecosystem. It is the reason it struck a deal with Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA) to serve the Houston area residents with wide-ranging products. The products include Tesla Solar P.V. Roof Panels, E.V. Chargers, and Tesla Powerwall.

The joint move

About 650 homes are set to benefit from the initial stage of the plan. They happen to be homes within areas such as Texas, Magnolia, and north of Houston. It is about embracing a clean energy ecosystem towards enhancing lives.

Most business analysts project that the company will successfully provide what it terms “a model housing ecosystem of the future.”

The dynamics seem rather impressive, considering how more people continue settling for sustainable choices when it gets to the selection of homes. The company outlines that it will continue mobilizing its resources to ensure that customers enjoy easy transitioning. The company also seeks to be one of the significant contributors in propelling the world towards sustainable energy.

Mr. Chan Heng Fai and his take

The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of AlsetEHome International Inc, Mr. Chan Heng Fai, has spoken about the latest development. This leader discloses the plan to unveil about 5,000 intelligently designed Ehomes soon.

He opines, “We are excited to develop the communities of the future in close collaboration with Tesla. Tesla’s products are not only technologically superior but also aesthetically pleasing. In addition to our rollout in the U.S., we plan to expand our concept on a global scale.”

AlsetEHome Inc continues upholding remarkable performance in developing, selling, managing, and leasing properties spread out across the United States.

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