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Altice USA Inc (NYSE:ATUS) Advertising and Data Business Wing a4 Unveils First Authenticated Cross Screen OTT Ads Service

Altice USA Inc (NYSE:ATUS), advertising and Data business division a4, has pioneered the targeting of streaming audiences with a new cross-screen OTT product. With a new promising offering, the company’s stock is expected to move positively.  This is already noticeable in the recent trading session where the company’s stock lost 1.41% to close the day at $21.60 and scoring a market cap of $15.54 billion.

First of its Kind Service

The service aimed to appeal to advertisers targeting the growing number of streaming audiences is the first of its kind in the industry. The household-level ad service with the capability of national coverage is the only addressable OTT/CTV in the market now.

The product complements a4’s existing offering that helps clients deliver advanced advertising solutions for clients targeting specific audiences across all screens- mobile phones, tablets, PCs and traditional TVs- within a single IP location.

This new service will give clients more precise data to enable them to target their desired audience with striking measurability and analytics of reach and frequency as aforementioned- across all screens.

Among a4’s celebrated offerings is the recently launched Athena by a4™ – a platform that provides for simplification of the process of executing, tracking and evaluating of all screens media campaigns. The new OTT service will be integrated into the Athena by a4™ platform to extend the platform’s screens support.

Changing Viewing Habits

A4’s senior vice president of Product, Wael Sabra, points out to the fact that people viewing habits are changing and that advertisers are expected to move with the pace in order not to miss the opportunities the shift is presenting.  He further adds that the “OTT solution gives clients the ability to extend the high precision targeting that a4 is known for into what is quickly becoming one of the most important parts of modern media plans.”

Garrett Winkler, the Director, and Connected Television Lead at MODI echoes Sabra’s sentiments confirming that his company is among the many others looking for better means to reach out to the new crop of audiences.

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