Technology Stocks, Inc (NASDAQ:AMZN) Looks Into The Possibility Of Setting Up New Warehouses In Three Seattle Spots, Inc (NASDAQ:AMZN) is setting up a new warehouse and has its eye fixed on three sites in Seattle. This conclusion is based on permitting documents the company filed with the city. The company hopes that it might settle down for one of the sites.

The establishment of the new warehouse

It considers the possibility of taking up the section occupied by Lowe’s home improvement store and nearby and Pepsi plant. Both lie on the northern part of the light-rail station. The retailer wants to establish two small-scale warehouses on the location. The new establishment will be about 220,000 square feet on a 23 acres parcel of land.

The documents’ label indicates them as being “preliminary in nature,” implying that the company is still on an inquiry stage. The company might make its next move if the sites turn out to be feasible for the warehouses’ setup.

The mass-transit and affordable housing advocates don’t support the company’s proposals. These advocates would have preferred that Amazon stops its plan to establish warehouses at the site. The group proposes that the land be reserved for a housing project.

Journalists didn’t manage to get Lowe’s or PepsiCo to comment on the matter after the two refused to respond to questions.

A co-owner of Lowe’s building, David Hsiao, says that there haven’t been any talks between the ownership group and Amazon. He dismisses the stories spreading around about the redevelopment of the group’s property. Amazon undertakes part of its operations in a small office space close to Lowe’s.

Setting up another distribution center

Amazon also considers the possibility of setting up a new distribution center. The company explores establishing the distribution center in an area formerly occupied by one of Interbay’s factories.

The mega-retailer has plans to bring down the inactive Northwest Industries glass-manufacturing plant and replace it with a massive warehouse measuring 100,000-square-feet. The planned establishment is almost the same size as the company’s Georgetown facility. The facility’s construction reached completion in 2019, and Amazon has occupied it since then.

ScanlanKemperBard happens to be the Portland investment firm that bought the Interbay site at about $24 million. The firm also refused to comment on Amazon’s plan to set up a warehouse in the location.

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