Technology Stocks, Inc (NASDAQ:AMZN) Unveils A Biometric Technology To Enables Shoppers Pay With A Palm Swipe

Customers are set to enjoy, Inc (NASDAQ:AMZN) biometric technology when shopping. It unveiled this technology on Wednesday in some of its Whole Foods stores situated in Seattle. The new advancement simplifies matters for customers who will swipe their palms to pay for products.

The technological advancements

The system is known as Amazon One, and it involves buyers associating their palm prints with their credit cards. Amazon seeks to serve its customers with a contactless alternative to card and cash payments.

Amazon isn’t the first company to introduce this technology into the markets. The company’s namesake brick-and-mortar Go has been relying on a similar technology before.

Amazon recently spoke out about its plan to unveil cashier-less technology in all its Whole Foods stores. Critics have been quick to downplay the company’s plan, outlining that it will lead to many workers losing their jobs.

Amazon One wants to streamline its business operations and find scanning tools to help check out points. The company defends its move, outlining that people at Wholefoods won’t lose their jobs.

Amazon seems rather impressed with its biometric technology, set to spread out to seven more stores in the metro area. The company confirms that the goal might be achievable in a few months to come. In the meantime, its new technology will go live in the various Whole Foods in Seattle on Wednesday. The company starts with the area because of the presence of its headquarter in the zone.

The transition

The other interesting pronouncement is about Jeff Bezos and his plan to leave the CEO position he has held for over 27 years. The official intends to transition to become the company’s executive chair, paving the way for Andy Jassy to take up the CEO role. Jassy has been serving as Amazon Web Services’ chief executive.

Bezos made his intentions known through a company memo to Amazon’s employees. The leader considers the transition to be a great opportunity to focus on the Day 1 Fund and most of his other passions.

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