Business, Inc (NASDAQ:AMZN) Updates Its Main App And Website With Two Hour Deliveries And Shuts Down Prime Now App: Offers Mental Health Benefits For Its US Employees, Inc (NASDAQ:AMZN) introduced a two-hour delivery option in its main app and website. It reduces the delivery time from days to hours and meeting the immediate needs of consumers.

As a result, the e-commerce giant decided to shut down its Prime Now delivery App by the end of this year. The company already included Prime Now services in its main app in Singapore, India, and Japan. Amazon is informing its Prime Now users in other nations through a pop-up on its website into its main app and website.

Expands Prime Now Service to 5,000 locations

Amazon introduced Prime Now App in 2014 in few cities to deliver essentials to its Prime members in just hours than days. According to CNBC, the company expanded its Prime Now service to 5,000 locations worldwide. 

Stephenie Landry, VP (Grocery) of Amazon, said the company is shutting down the standalone Prime Now App to ensure a seamless experience for the consumers from its main app and website.

Amazon introduced two-hour delivery options for Whole and Fresh foods the US customers from its main app in 2019. It said its local stores such as Morrisons in Leeds, Bartell’s in Seattle, and Monoprix in Paris and third-party partners would move to the main app by the end of this year.

In early January 2021, Amazon discontinued its Pantry Service and ensured the availability of groceries and household goods through the main website. The company rebranded its Go Grocery brand to Amazon Fresh.

Mental Health benefits for US employees

Amazon unveiled mental health benefits for all of its employees in the US. Their families would also be covered under this new scheme. 

Employees and their families can avail themselves of this service round the clock for seven days a week. They will receive free counseling services through video, phone, text, or in-person. 

SVP (People eXperience and Technology) of Amazon, Beth Galetti, said affordable and easy access to mental health services is essential as everyone continues to navigate daily challenges. Employers need to provide awareness and access to mental health care for their employees. 

According to the details provided by Mental Health America, a non-profit organization, in 2020, over 26 million adults in the US are untreated for mental health issues. 

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