Amazon’s Ring Unveils Autonomous Home Drone, Always Home Cam Going For $249 ‘s (NASDAQ:AMZN) Ring division has unveiled an autonomous drone that can fly in your home for enhanced security of your home as you can see what is happening when not at home. The Always Home Cam, which goes at $249, is a small drone flying inside the house to film everything for security purposes.

Always Home Cam to offer enhanced security with fewer cameras

Ring’s founder Jamie Siminoff and the chief inventor said that the Always Home Cam will offer various viewpoints across the home without the need to have several cameras. Siminoff said in an interview ahead of the launch that they have spent the last two years developing the device, and it was a very hard product to build. He added that thanks to drone tech development, the company has managed to make such a product and make it work as required.

Besides the drone camera, Amazon launched a cloud gaming service called Luna, new Echo devices, and other products. However, the security drone was the standout products. The company also shared a burglar promotion video breaking in and then getting spooked with the drone flying straight at him. All the while, the homeowner was watching the encounter from a phone. Homeowners will have to build a map of their home and draw a path for the drone to follow such that it will be easier when they want to see what is happening in a specific room.

Skepticism about the product owing to Amazon’s history of privacy problems

The product drew some criticism with tech product reviewer Walt Mossberg tweeting that in a country where there are no digital privacy laws, anyone buying the product from a company that has had privacy problems before will be insane. Another Twitter user tweeted that an internet drone camera owned by Amazon will be a privacy nightmare. There have been privacy concerns with Amazon, and although the product may seem to be cool it is still weird at the same time.

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