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Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) Compromises Its Reputation After Rejecting A Recent App Update

Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) keeps making some arbitrary decisions that cause issues between the company and the iOS developers. The company seems rather keen on what it wants to be published and the time to post. Apple finds itself in a tight corner again just because of a minor and resolvable issue.

Apple depicted as downplaying human rights

The founder of ProtonMail and ProtonVPN points an accusing finger at the business, outlining that it doesn’t care about human rights in Myanmar. The officials say that Apple cares more about profit-making, which isn’t quite good for the business leader’s reputation. The ProtonMail founder isn’t expressing the actual situation on the ground, but this is a matter that some people might take with seriousness.

Apple singled out the privacy-protecting ProtonVPN software, outlining its dissatisfaction with the security updates’ description. Sources later revealed how the company had taken to blocking the security update.

Apple didn’t like the section of the description outlining the readiness to challenge governments, train journalists, and educating the public. The caption also outlined the significant milestones the group had reached towards ensuring people enjoyed greater freedom.

Apple might face difficulty vindicating itself

ProtonVPN took Apple’s demands with seriousness and addressed the matter. ProtonVPN said that it recognized the emergency in Myanmar and ceded to Apple’s demands. It eliminated the language pointing to the readiness to challenge governments. Apple eventually approved the app, though it declined to make any comments on the issue.

Apple needs to do something about the bad perception, especially now that its App Store’s antitrust scrutiny has become the main subject in courts and congress. Some critics outline that Apple has lately become the kind of company that keeps violating its own rules. Sadly, the company has constantly found itself in the uncomfortable position of apologizing, which doesn’t look good on such a highly reputable business.

It isn’t in the company’s best interest when it seems like putting up a fight against an app developer. The company has been oppressive to many other developers who feared coming to the limelight. Most of them admit how Apple had been compelling them to add the in-app purchases to most of their apps.

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