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Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) Introduces A New Means To Copy Photos And Videos From Google Photos

User experience is at a whole new level because it will be possible to copy pictures from Apple Photos to Google photos. The change follows Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) decision to unveil a tool facilitating the process. Reports show that the company as having executed the change quietly.

The essence of the shift

The change pulls along with its own merits seen in two different ways, according to Apple. Firstly, users move everything quite easily whenever they need to switch to an Android phone. It hasn’t been the same case in the past where it was impossible to upload Apple Photos from an Android phone.

The shift won’t be something complex, according to Apple. It says that the new process will involve Google creating highlight videos automatically, setting them to music. The other thing will be the creation of collages and animations and the addition of filters. Sources indicate that the filters bring out some outstanding images.

The company confirms that both services have their associated strengths and that users stand to utilize both to develop a backup for the other.

Most users may feel compelled to shift from iCloud Storage to Google One storage, and Apple says that the change will accommodate this need as well. The company is calling upon every user to read and understand the terms of use to avoid confusion. One of the most critical points is that the transfer won’t be happening immediately. Apple speaks out on my 117GB library of over 800 videos and more than 20,000 photos as consuming there to seven days in the movement exercise.


Apple has its charges for the different services, and it has moved ahead to outline them. The charged amount for 50 GB will be $0.99/month. Storage of up to 200 GB will cost $2.99/month, whereas a 2TB of storage will go for $9.99/month.

There is a pretty close similarity between Google’s charges and Apple’s, according to analysts. However, Google has more flexible plans considering that a user can share 100GB with his/her family for $1.99 a month. In Apple’s case, family sharing is only catered for in the 200GB and 2TB plans.

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