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Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) Linked To Its Suppliers’s Ransomware Hack

Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) was happily unveiling its latest line of flashy new iMacs and iPads when it learned about a ransomware attack. The company received information about how its major supplier of Quanta Computer Inc, was going through a rough time dealing with a ransomware attack.

The ransomware group refers to itself as Sodinokibi but is also widely known as REvil. It reveals details about its theft, claiming that it got blueprints from the US leading company’s recent products.

Revil’s move

It was on Tuesday that REvil turned to the dark web, disclosing its activities through a blog. REvil found its way into Quanta’s computer network, and that is how it managed to carry out its activities.

The Taiwan-based company has, over the years, worked with Apple, serving it with wide-ranging products.

It was one user on the cyber-crime forum XSS that first disclosed information regarding the attack. The user named “Unknown” brought it to the limelight that a ransom group was on the verge of launching a massive attack.

REvil owns a site known as ‘Happy Blog.’ It resorts to the blog whenever it wants to name and shame victims in its quest to pressure them to offer the ransom payment. The cartel mentions Quanta to be one of its most recent victims.

The hackers seem to be somewhat strategic in their endeavors. For example, they planned to make their move on the same day that Apple would unveil its newest products. These hackers expected that Quanta would move with speed to make the payment to recover the data.

Quanta recognized the attack, but it declined to provide deeper information regarding the stolen data.

Quanta’s team has tried to intervene

Quanta Computer’s information security team has been working tirelessly to resolve the various cyberattacks on its servers. This team has, in several instances, communicated its issues with the relevant authorities hoping to get assistance. It expected that the data protection authorities would intervene and help deal with the abnormal activities. Quanta finds solace in the fact that all its business operations remain intact.

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