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Arlo Technologies, Inc. (NYSE:ARLO) Introduces A Unified Smart Home Integration And Security Solution With Arlo Smarthub And Arlo App

Arlo technologies, Inc. (NYSE:ARLO) has announced the introduction of their latest compatibility program “Works with Arlo” that is designed to give an enhanced smart home experience. They have equally introduced the Arlo security system that is supposed to complement the monitoring ability of their Arlo camera by offering the users control to create a unified home security system.

The Arlo SmartHub and Arlo app

The “Works with Arlo” program allows users to connect wirelessly with smart devices such as speakers, lights, and locks among others through the Arlo SmartHub. Users will have control and management of all the connected devices including the Arlo security system over the Arlo app.

The security solutions system consist of the Arlo Multi-Sensor, Arlo Remote, and an Arlo Siren all of which are powered and managed by the Arlo SmartHub and the Arlo app respectively and they have the capability of notifying the users instantly in case of emergency or important events. The company expects to make the security system fully available by mid-2019.

Arlo is partnering with Danalock, Philips Hue, Bose, Leviton, Schlage, Yale, Sonos, and LIFX to carry out the initial “Works with Arlo” with the announcement of more partners expected at a later date.

The Arlo security system

The difference in the Arlo Security System is their cutting-edge component the Multi-Sensor which unlike traditional security systems that require the user to purchase different security sensors for each application it is an all-in-one sensor.

It gives the user ample and versatile experiences since it can be placed anywhere to help users manage their homes or businesses where it matters most. It is easy to set up, and with control through the Arlo app, and it can sense the opening and closing of doors and windows, smoke and carbon monoxide detection, motion, changes in temperature as well as water leaks thus giving one the ultimate experience.

The Multi-sensor can equally be programmed to activate other Arlo devices such as signaling the Arlo security cameras to begin recording.

Why “Works with Arlo” program?

Arlo products senior Vice President, Pat Collins, indicates that the motivation behind the revolutionary program is the need to give consumers control over their Smart Home devices especially the security cameras that are very vital in Smart Home Management.

The program gives assurance to users about the compatible products being able to integrate with the Arlo security system to provide an ample Smart Home management experience through a central interface usually the Arlo app.

Collins indicates that their security system gives users the capability to customize and elevate their security measures through the Multi-sensor which is a critical component of their system.

He indicates that the multi-sensor as the ability to communicate with Arlo products as well as certified third-party devices through the SmartHub to offer a security solution managed through the Arlo app.

Arlo Security system features

The system has a siren placed at a range to the SmartHub, and it gives a loud siren and red lights to alert the property owner of emergencies or intruders. It equally has the Arlo remote that conveniently enables the user to arm and disarm the system to give access without using the Arlo app.

The Arlo SmartHub uses the ArloRF™ two-way frequency technology with extended battery life that allows for long-range coverage without jamming communication the SmartHub and the Arlo devices. By mid-2019 Arlo expects the SmartHub to have capabilities of Zigbee and Z-wave.

Stock movement

The latest stock trading of Arlo is $8.80 which is a drop of -2.22% from the previous opening of $8.95. The daily range saw a high of $9.27 and a low of $8.77 with a market capitalization of 1.2 billion. They have a share volume of 4.3 million with a 52-week range having a low of $8.6 and a high of $23.77.


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