Asensus Surgical Inc (NYSEAMERICAN: ASXC) Speaks Out About Its Cooperation With Lakumed Hospitals

Asensus Surgical Inc (NYSEAMERICAN: ASXC) stock dropped by a margin of 2.88% to finally settle at $3.37. It was recently that the company closed at $2.10. The figure represented a 1.87% drop where the stock stood in the previous trading session.  


The maker of surgical robots and medical equipment has been keenly observing its business performance in recent times and strategizing on the way forward. The previous month was a difficult time considering that it lost by about 38.86%. It strives to improve matters in its medical sector, which lost by about 0.03%.  

The close of its two equity financings that total to proceeds of about $111 million is a performance the company is looking into quite closely in a bid to improve matters soon. It has also spoken about the extension of the cash runaway in three years to come. The medical device company discloses the latest developments in line with the LAKUMED hospitals. It says that LAKUMED hospitals is walking into a new deal that will offer it the opportunity to utilize and lease the Senhance® Surgical System. 

The system in question will help run operations at the Landshut-Achdorf hospital.

Leaders speak out on the cooperation with LAKUMED hospitals

The CEO of Asensus Surgical, Anthony Fernando, supports LAKUMED hospitals using a Senhance Surgical System. He outlines that Germany’s growth trajectory has been commendable. He discloses that the country has risen the ranks to become the biggest surgical market across Europe.

The leader has also spoken about the advancement of the German surgeons, outlining that they performed quite remarkably in the minimally invasive surgeries. He sees Senhance as a great tool in terms of helping them grow and further and reach their set goals.

The Senhance® Surgical System is an outstanding technological advancement that employs augmented intelligence to deliver cutting-edge patient outcomes and performance. 

Senhance doesn’t settle at the typical surgical robotic systems. It progresses to utilize 3D visualization, eye-tracking camera control, and haptic feedback in the provision of surgical assurance.

The CEO of Lakumed Jakob Fuchs outlines that they will keep tapping into top skills and advanced technologies in their service delivery. He is happy about the Senhance Surgical System, outlining that it is crucial towards supporting their delicate surgeries. 

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