Astra Space Inc (NASDAQ: ASTR) converts into the First Space Take-off company to Exchange on NASDAQ

Astra Space Inc (NASDAQ: ASTR) and Holicity, Inc. (NASDAQ: HOL) today finished their beforehand announced contract to take Astra public.

The deal customs a publicly-traded pure-play space business

The deal procedures a publicly traded pure-play space business and is estimated to start interchange on the NASDAQ Global Select Market on July 1, 2021, under the new ticker sign “ASTR” for Astra common stock and “ASTRW” for Astra securities.

Astra raised around $500 million in cash profits from the deal to hasten evolution, enlarge its addressable market, and mature its space services podium. Holicity stockholders accepted the deal at a general meeting on June 30, 2021. CEO Chris Kemp and Astra’s organization team will endure leading the united business.

“Developing into a public company is an imperative landmark in our assignment to advance life on Earth from space,” said Chris Kemp, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Astra. “All of us at Astra are proud by the occasion to have the sustenance of community stockholders and are thankful to the many people who have sponsored so abundant to help us comprehend our apparition of an improved and more linked planet.”

U.S. EPA considers Taseko Mines Ltd (NYSE: TGB) copper excavating procedure similar to fracking

Taseko Mines Ltd (NYSE: TGB) desires to harvest copper in Arizona, expending a procedure that arouses oilfield fracking. Still, the company must first convince the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that it will not hurt the federation’s water source.

The Canadian firm, which said it presumes an EPA decision imminently, wants to use a procedure comprising vaccinating sulfuric acid and water deep concealed to break up a crystal deposit. Uranium mineworkers in Australia and the United States have operated the procedure, recognized as in situ filtering, for decades. Still, it has infrequently been used to mine copper.

Concerned about possible groundwater pollution, officials in Florence, Arizona, which sits atop 2.4 billion pounds of copper, tried futilely for a decade to block Taseko’s project. A U.S. appeals court this past spring put an expiration to the town’s legal barricades, which comprised an effort to take the company’s plot via eminent area. The EPA is now determining whether to accept Taseko’s plan.

ReneSola Ltd. (NYSE: SOL) awarded 29 solar efficacy schemes in Poland

ReneSola Ltd. (NYSE: SOL) today announced that it was granted 29 solar utility schemes with a capability of 1 MW for each and one larger-scale usefulness scheme with an ability of 4 MW. These 30 schemes are under Poland’s Contract for Difference (CFD) rule and qualified for a 15-year actual price. The winning offer price averaged about $58/MWh for the 4 MW project and $ 61/MWh for the 1MW schemes. The schemes are expected to be linked to the network within the next two years.

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