Atossa Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ: ATOS) Gets A Nod To Start The Phase 2 Clinical Study Of Oral Endoxifen

The stock of Atossa Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ: ATOS) rose to $4.31.The Swedish Medical Product Agency (MPA) has paved the way for the company to embark on its Phase 2 clinical study. The body gave its approval to the clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company, marking the initiation of efforts geared towards discovering the effectiveness of oral Endoxifen as a remedy for mammographic breast density (MBD).

Mammographic breast density and what studies  show

Studies point out that MBD is a severe health condition affecting more than 10 million women in the United States. Other areas around the world have been hit hard by the rise of mammographic breast density.

Different studies continue presenting their outcomes, bringing to the table more revelations. It was recently that different studies outlined that MBD greatly affected the capacity of mammograms to detect cancer. In other words, MBD greatly affected the sensitivity of mammograms, making it hard for them to detect cancer. 

More studies continue to indicate a correlation between incidences where breast cancer incidences have been toned down with reductions in MBD

Quay speaks out on latest developments

Atossa’s CEO Steven Quay considers the recent development a major milestone for his company in product development. He asserts that the oral Endoxifen will hit the markets with impact, helping reduce suffering among struggling persons.

Quay reveals that the only thing standing between them and the commencement of the study is the current situation of restrictions everywhere. The Covid-19 outbreak has battered many economies because of the many restrictions put in place. The official says that they look forward to the lifting of the restrictions in Stockholm. 

He liked the reports coming out lately, which indicate that the Covid-19 cases have been dropping steadily, something that inspires hope about them continuing with their studies soon. If the current state of affairs continues, the company might resume its studies over the next quarter.

The MBD study seeks to strike a good understanding of the relationship that exists between the dose-response and the reduction of the mammographic breast density.

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