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AT&T Inc (NYSE: T) And Nokia Oyj (NYSE: NOK) Utilize C-Band Spectrum To Expand 5G Services

The stock of Nokia Oyj (NYSE: NOK) maintained its earlier position, settling at $5.43. This company cooperates with AT&T Inc (NYSE: T) in a common move to unveil C-Band to bolster the 5G coverage and capacity to the required areas.

Nokia led the way

Nokia happens to be an outstanding party to the deal, considering its C-Band portfolio of top performance and capabilities. The partner intends to take advantage of the collaboration to achieve its goal of delivering an amazing 5G experience. AT&T Inc outlines that a large section of its service subscribers expected cutting-edge services and bows to do everything to satisfy their needs. 

Ed Cholerton speaks out on the new developments

The President of Nokia Americas, Ed Cholerton, describes the latest development as a significant milestone for them. He applauds his company and encourages it to continue cooperating with AT&T in its commitment to inc erase and enhance commercial grade 5G services everywhere using the C-Band spectrum. He projects that the company might son succeed in its quest to cover the whole country. 

Ed Cholerton discloses that the two companies in question have been partners for many years and hopes that the business cooperation extends into the future. He terms the project at hand an innovative one, calling upon Nokia to contribute with its comprehensive and flexible solutions. He believes that the solutions that Nokia offers can cater to all the customers’ requirements. He expresses great optimism into the future, outlining that the business collaboration will enable them to succeed on their quest to expand the delivery of 5G experiences to all interested customers countrywide. 

Nokia led the way when it turned out to be the first country to complete the 5G trail in the C-Band spectrum. The company has also been making many impressive moves that expand its portfolio to cover some particular wide-ranging products. 

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