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AT&T, Inc. (NYSE:T) Plans To Roll Out 5G And Partner With NBA To Develop A Research And Development Lab For Emerging Technologies

AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) is planning to give their business customers a 5G toolbox. They are the first carriers to announce what they are offering to their clients to make the most out of the technology. AT&T’s subsidiary WarnerMedia has also indicated that they are collaborating with the National Basketball Association to take advantage of the technological capabilities of AT&T to create an innovation hub that offers games experiences that go beyond the court.

The 5G solutions

There are millions of businesses that are increasingly relying on technology in the US to support their operations and connection of technologies such as mixed reality and artificial intelligence. AT&T is offering a 5G approach that does not focus on one solution but rather a myriad of solutions reflecting the customer needs and diversity. The company is building real solutions that allow LTE and fiber-based connectivity to work using 5G solutions efficiently.

Mo Katibeh, the AT&T Business CMO, states that the 5G services that they are planning to roll out will combine advanced network capabilities that can fundamentally transform business. The solutions will open opportunities for customers to grow their revenue as well as reduce the costs of operations and thus creating a fantastic experience for customers and employees. The approach focuses on three pillars that include edge computing, mobile 5G and also fixed wireless.

The innovation lab

The research and development innovation hub that they are building will be in New York. Jesses Rednisss the data strategy and product innovation executive vice president will be in charge of the lab. Their first partner for the initiative will be the National Basketball Association.

In a statement, Redniss said that the innovation lab would be an incubator that will combine AT&T’s emerging technologies and methodologies to create innovative content for their world-class IP partners such as the NBA. He indicates that they aim to make the innovation lab a definition of next-generation sports and entertainment.

The collaboration with NBA focuses on employing connected car partners and AT&T’s IoT infrastructure in various cities, airports, and stadiums to give personalized content enhancing fan experiences.

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