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AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) Turner and Xandr Collaborate on the New Improved Ad Opportunity

After coming together merely six months ago under AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) umbrella, Turner and Xandr have joined forces to improve the relevancy of advertising which is fueled by data as well as content connections.

The most significant challenges that face the industry today are making advertising matter as well as more relevant to the consumers.

Now there seems to be A Way

Xandr and Turner are now bringing together some unique assets including advanced advertising capabilities, consumer data as well as insights and an engaged, passionate fan bases. All of these aim at marketers wanting to make some real impact and consumers in need of better experiences.

It’s said that Turner has integrated into its AudienceNOW strategy Xandr’s viewership data that is collected from more than 40m television set-top boxes of U-verse pay-TV businesses and AT&T’s DirecTV to help brands to place their ads on TV shows which their targeted audience might be having some interest in.

The four main initiatives that the two companies are working on include expanding the reach of the branded storytelling significantly to addressable TV, more advertising across the Turner TV brands with the AT&T set-top-box data, provide advertising impact through attribution and finally use Xandr’s data capabilities in fueling relevant ads on Turner’s properties.

Expectations Sky-High

Besides the many expected outcome of the integration between these two companies, AT&T data will as well allow Xandr and Turner to show the advertisers whether the ads convinced the viewers to visit their websites or even visit their stores.

Furthermore, WanerMedia’s networks have an array of customers that had to be exploited, and hence advertisers will have the chance of boosting a sale through ads to households basing on their interests. Also, the customer data will be purely anonymous and not narrowed to a particular household.

Addressing the issue at hand president of Turner, Donna Speciale said that the collaboration is about modernizing the present day advertising.

Much is indeed expected from the integration as marketers hope to improve their campaigns’ performance using the data as well as technology. Yes, the strategies have been put in place but only time will tell the success.

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