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Auddia Inc (NASDAQ: AUUD) Announces Release and National Launch of Flagship Auddia App Ahead of Schedule

Auddia Inc (NASDAQ: AUUD) today announced the instant obtainability of its flagship Auddia app in the AppStore. The Android form will be circulated later this week ahead of Lakes Media, extensively marketing the nationwide presentation of Auddia over the air beginning on July 5, 2021.

Noteworthy Artificial Intelligence Progressions Permit for Accelerated Nationwide Rollout

The company’s noteworthy AI progressions that were lately announced now permit it to accelerate its full national presentation and rollout its preceding guidance.

Jeff Thramann, the founder and executive chairman of Auddia, commented, “Presentation of the Auddia App signifies the conclusion of an unbelievable amount of apparition, novelty, devotion and persistence across the complete Auddia team. Bravery never quits, and I could not be pleased of the unwavering flexibility our team shown in achieving this extraordinary landmark.”

Jeff Thramann, continued “It is stimulating to be at the vanguard of changing a gigantic business that signifies such an enormous evolution prospect. Radio rules all other audio platforms in time spent heeding by a large double-digit percentage lead, yet they are the only major content stage to not deliver a quality subscription invention that permits their customers to avoid advertisements and distinguish content. The Auddia App changes this example, it delivers independence from advertisements and choice of content to radio spectators for the first time, and we appropriately liftoff going into Independence Day.”

Company Announces Major Know-how Progressions in Artificial Intelligence

In other news, the company announced a significant progression in its branded skill at the core of its Artificial Intelligence engine. By leveraging exact acoustic and metadata from radio stations, Auddia will decrease the costs of handling audio content for AI teaching and authentication to near zero and simultaneously comprehend vastly superior enhancements inexactness.

The new AI processing method gives the company near real-time data dispensation competencies, which is projected to improve the overall presentation of the Auddia platform and decrease the onboarding time for stations by a cause of five as the company scales to thousands of stations.

Auddia is supposed to use the new AI procedure for its trials with Lakes Media and Sonoma Media announced beforehand and will begin soon after the July 4 holiday. 

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