Ault Global Holdings Inc (NYSE: DPW) Reports Revenue Increase of 1,048% for Q2 2021

Ault Global Holdings Inc (NYSE: DPW) is an established diversified holding firm that pursues growth by buying disruptive technologies and undervalued businesses. Through its majority and wholly-owned strategic investments and subsidiaries, Ault Global offers mission-critical goods that support a wide variety of industries, including textiles, biopharma, telecommunications, automotive, and aerospace/defense. The company recently announced its report for Q2 2021.

Second-quarter revenue highlights 

  1. Recorded revenue of roughly $62 million. This was an increase of about 1,048% from the $5.4 million they reported in Q2 2020.
  2. The revenue from both investing and lending activities came to around $53 million. This was because of the capital injection into Digital Power Lending, one of its wholly-owned subsidiaries.
  3. The revenue from both investing and lending activities also included a roughly $40 million gain from its investments in Alzamend Neuro inc (NASDAQ: ALZN). This is a pre-clinical stage biopharma firm that concentrates on developing novel products which you can use to treat psychiatric disease and neurodegenerative disorders.
  4. The revenue from crypto-mining of roughly $300,000. The company continued its crypto-mining operations during March 2021.

Milton “Todd” Ault, the company’s Executive Chairman and founder, said their preliminary Q2 2021 financial results reflected the strength of its trading and lending activities. He said that they believe their current investing and lending pipeline is stable. If small-cap stock investing remains viable and strong, then the company has extremely promising future prospects. Mr. Ault said that all their subsidiaries are showing a lot of strength. Simply put, their company has never been this strong, according to him.

With a talented group of chief executive officers and capable management teams at the subsidiary level, it looks like Ault Holdings has bright prospects. This was confirmed by the strong balance sheet they recently showed. In addition, the company also has certain beneficial rights and ownership to make further investments in Alzamend. For instance, it owns roughly 5,3 million shares of common stock in Alzamend, held by DP Lending, one of its wholly-owned subsidiaries.

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