Ault Global Holdings Inc (NYSEAMERICAN: DPW) Speaks About The Expediting Of The $1.3 Million Military Contract For Power Solutions

Ault Global Holdings Inc (NYSEAMERICAN: DPW) has allowed its subsidiary known as  Coolisys Technologies Corp to oversee its latest deal. In other words, the subsidiary is set to expedite the fulfillment of the power solutions contract with the military. The deal in question involves expediting a fulfillment deal worth about $1.3 million and is mainly targeted at tactical vehicles. It is a deal that also involves Digital Power Corporation, which is also a subsidiary.

The essence of the deal

The latest deal will involve delivering some elaborate electrical and electronic systems that will be crucial for the various radio and the other instruments installed in the military multi-mission tactical vehicles. However, most of those instruments happen to be classified and thus couldn’t be mentioned. 

The CEO of Coolisys Amos Kohn opines, “We are pleased to expedite this contract from a leading global defense customer specializing in customized vehicles used by special forces units. This order is the result of the compact and cost-effective design of Coolisys’ customized rugged high-reliability power system that is currently being used in field operations.”

Coolisys focusing on the task beforehand

Coolisys continues making preparations to fulfill its role to deliver an electrical system that pulls along with electronic hardware. This hardware consists of approved and top-notch software. It is also notable to mention that the Foreign Military Teleprocessing Branch has tested and approved it.

A lot is yet to happen, one of the things being the bringing on board of a defense contractor conversant with the customized off-road vehicles to implement Coolisys’ solution. He is set to conduct tests with a wide variety of multi-mission vehicles.

 Coolisys has, over the years, focused on the provision of diverse power electronic products. Its solutions have helped many mission-critical applications, thus helping save lives and many other positive undertakings. 

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