Authorization of an Additional $12Million under the Stock Repurchase Program by DHI Group, Inc. (NYSE: DHX)

In its 30years of operation, DHI Group, Inc. (NYSE: DHX) has made a name locally and internationally as a leading provider of career marketplaces for technology professionals across multiple industries. Through expert insights, news tools, career connections, and information, the company has empowered tech professionals and organizations to a level they can serve multiple markets. 

And as it continues to make things happen, DHI, through its Board of Directors, has announced a stock repurchase program, resulting in an added purchase of up to $12 million of the company’s common stock. This will push have an upward push to the overall share buyback program of up to $20 million following an earlier purchase of $8 million of its common stock in February 2021. The company’s buyback capacity now stands at $18.7 million.

According to DHI’s Chief Financial Officer, Kevin Bostick, the stock buyback programs demonstrate bigger and better business prospects in the future. However, they are clear that they must apply the securities laws in the open market. He also acknowledges that their commencement or cessation depends on several factors, including market conditions and acquisition opportunities available to the company. 

Change of Working Environments before and During the Pandemic

Hundreds of companies are today faced with complexities as they try to create attractive work environments following the distractions of the pandemic. However, it is interesting to see how many professionals embrace remote working, according to a report by DHI, a DHI Group, Inc. brand. 

The report outlined a complete preference for a 100% remote working option over working permanently in the office. The report aimed to equip recruiters and hiring managers with the knowledge and possible tools to hunt top talent. Companies must take the time to build an agile approach if they want to succeed in attracting and retaining the best talent. This is according to Dice CEO Art Zeile. 

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