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Baidu, Inc. (NASDAQ:BIDU) Reveals Significant Developments For The Apollo Driving Ecosystems During The 2019 CES

Baidu, Inc. (NASDAQ:BIDU) has continued to make advancements on its Apollo platform since its launch. Their latest development is the introduction of the Apollo enterprise which is an intelligent driving suite customized for mass production vehicle solutions and products. The timing for the unveiling of the Apollo enterprise is right considering the maturation of the industry from intelligent driving research and development to production as well as commercialization.

The Apollo Enterprise

The Baidu Apollo Enterprise is an intelligent driving solution and products suite for mass vehicle production. The solution supports information and vehicle safety, and it can as well get an upgrade through OTA.

Implementation of the Apollo Enterprise solutions is easy and fast, and customers can tailor it according to their needs. The Baidu support teams equally provide service to the clients. The Apollo Enterprise solutions include Autonomous valet parking, autonomous highway driving, fully independent driving minibus solutions as well as an intelligent data map platforms and the DuerOS for Apollo.

Apollo Enterprise revolutionizing vehicle production

Currently, Baidu is collaborating with the national and global auto brand to install these solutions in vehicle production. Some of the brands that they have collaborated with include Chery, BYD, Ford, WM motor, Kyundai Kia and Great Wall.

Baidu president, Ya-Qin Zhang, indicated that with the advancements on the Apollo enterprise, the company expands Baidu Apollo to a leading service and product provider from just an open technology platform. The president stated that they were willing to work with all Apollo enterprise clients to ensure they create safe, customizable solutions that are scalable to fast-track commercialization of intelligent driving and thus enhance everyone’s mobility experience.

The company also introduced Apollo 3.5 which is among the most potent Apollo releases. It is an open source independent driving platform which performs in complex driving scenarios in urban and suburban settings. Apollo 3.5 unlocks the tools needed by developers to build reliable independent mobility solutions such as delivery services and robo-taxis.

The latest advancements on Apollo gives it driving capabilities such as management of unprotected turns, clear zones, speed bumps narrow lanes, side passes as well as independent parking.

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