Biocept Inc (Nasdaq: BIOC) to Work together with Quest Diagnostics to Deliver Progressive NGS-Based Liquid Biopsy Testing for Patients with Lung Cancer

Biocept Inc (NASDAQ: BIOC) today proclaimed a partnership with Quest Diagnostics Inc (NYSE: DGX) to provide research laboratory analysis facilities to Quest patients for its Target Selector™ NGS-based liquid biopsy directed lung cancer section. Quest Diagnostics is the foremost supplier of investigative info facilities, counting in advanced diagnostics.

The Biocept Target Selector NGS-based liquid cell removal test is a less offensive laboratory examination used for genomic outlining in patients with progressive non-small cell lung cancer. To aid them for progressive directed treatments and observe the efficiency of treatment. With a doctor’s order, patients will be competent to deliver a blood example for analysis at one of Quest’s 2,200 suitably located patient service midpoints across the United States. The two organizations imagine the service to be obtainable to Quest Diagnostics’ suppliers and patients in the fourth quarter of 2021.

“We are contented to expand Biocept’s relationship with Quest Diagnostics, as we deliberate its know-how and spread will facilitate us to serve more patients and possibly grow our client base,” said Michael Nall, President, and CEO of Biocept. “Quest shares our stress on humanizing consideration for patients with lung cancer, and this agreement transports a robust coworker to help us convey oncologists with the reactions they need to produce more adapted, amenable cure strategies for their patients.”

“Lung cancer is one of the most predominant and lethal cancers,” said Kristie Dolan, General Manager, Oncology Franchise, Quest Diagnostics. “Healthier gears to help in management variety and perceiving are promptly looked-for to improve patient significances, which is why we are so content to effort with Biocept on this concentrating investigation. Quest has the nationwide gage, oncology know-how and network supplier affiliations to widen admission to this significant novelty in order to possibly recover upkeep for patients in cure for lung cancer.”

Biocept Target Selector NGS-based directed lung cancer section comprises the most predominant clinically actionable DNAs for NSCLC. It syndicates Biocept’s fluid biopsy biomarker analysis know-how with next-generation sequencing and decision support possessions. The NGS elucidation is directed and actionable—around 70% of the biomarkers examined are based on National Comprehensive Cancer Center procedures or FDA-approved treatments.

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