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BlackBerry Ltd (NYSE:BB) Unveils Digital Cockpit Solution For Automakers To Achieve Secure In-car Experiences

BlackBerry Ltd (NYSE:BB) is making headlines after it unveiled its QNX platform which is a digital cockpit solution designed to help vehicle manufacturers offer highly secure in-vehicle experiences.

Automotive manufacturers can leverage the new QNX platform so that they can develop better QNX-based infotainment systems and digital instrument clusters. The new digital cockpit solutions will feature more security. Blackberry’s new solution will also allow users to enjoy the latest Android apps such as Google Play Music and Google maps from one ECU.

The tech company has an ISO safety hypervisor that multiple OS environments function flawlessly without interfering with each other. Such features are necessary because essential driving functions will not be affected in case an app requires an update, is compromised or in case it crashes.

A key focus on security for automotive industry solutions

The new Blackberry QNX platform is the company’s approach to the automotive industry. The strategy will allow the company to create and distribute vertical solutions that include complementary products. Blackberry claims that the new solution could help car manufacturers to speed up their development timelines. It could also end up helping automotive manufacturers to lower the costs as well as risks associated with transitioning from research to the production line.

“As the ECUs in a car consolidate, automakers are seeking safe, secure, and reliable solutions that are flexible enough to deliver a unique driving experience,” stated John Wall who is one of the executives in charge of BlackBerry Technology Solutions.

Wall pointed out that Blackberry has been testing the system and improving it for the past two years. That has allowed the company to create the first digital cockpit that is safety-certified to allow secure Android apps in a vehicle. The Blackberry executive also added that his company’s ability to provide high-level security would be a critical factor that vehicle buyers will consider.

Tata Elxsi’s Senior Vice President of marketing and strategy, Nitin Pai stated that his company has been developing Android ecosystems for the automotive sector and smart TVs for more than ten years. The company created the ecosystems through its Android Center of Excellence. Tata Elxsi has been working together with IBM on the digital cocktail platform. Their goal is to provide the quality and security level that vehicle manufacturers require from platform providers.

Blackberry has cultivated relationships with global OEMs. Those relationships allow the company to provide end-to-end systems, hardware, applications and software solutions to those OEMs. Blackberry’s solutions are vital in helping OEMs to shield themselves from cyber attacks.

Blackberry’s QNX technology has so far been installed in more than 120 million that are currently road-going. It managed to achieve that incredible feat by fostering a high level of security and safety. The tech company expects its early lead to help it secure a larger market share especially now that vehicle manufacturers are embracing smart and connected solutions in their vehicles.

Anticipating future market trends

Millennials have shaped many industries with their digital culture and need to be always connected, and this has influenced the direction of many industries. The automotive industry is one of them, and that has led to the development of Apple Carplay and Android Auto. However, digital and always connected automotive systems need to be highly secure, and IBM aims to bridge that gap.

Alex Thurber, Blackberry’s senior vice president of mobility solutions, believes that consumers in 2019 will prioritize solutions that offer data privacy and high-level security. Thurber also noted that Blackberry’s new solution would be a key pillar in the firm’s software and licensing strategy. It also highlights the company’s transition from a secure smartphone manufacturer to a firm that offers trusted security.

Stock performance

Blackberry’s stock closed Tuesday’s trading session at 7.41 after tanking by 0.27% from the previous close. The stock’s current 52-week high is $14.55 while its 52-week low is $6.57.


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