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Blackberry (NYSE:BB) Scheduled To Introduce Blackberry KEY2 And KEY2 LE Phones As Well As Safe Internet Devices

BlackBerry Limited (NYSE:BB) is planning to launch their latest phones scheduled for showcasing in the 2019 CES. Some of the phones they intend to showcase in the CES include BlackBerry KEY2 and KEY2 LE which are among the latest smartphones.  The company has also indicated that they plan to release internet devices that will make the internet of things safer.

BlackBerry secure internet devices

With an increase in cyber threats, BlackBerry is working towards ensuring that we have devices that secure and that are hack proof.  They have launched three products that are designed to ensure that our internet devices are safe from hacking.

The company plans to license the products to various companies that produce internet of things such as TVs, Smart bulbs and refrigerators as well as some of the devices used in factories.  The products that have the BlackBerry technology incorporated in them will be considered to be BlackBerry secure.

The introduction of these secure devices is part of the company’s strategy of moving away from the manufacture of smartphones and laying more focus on mobile tech that is licensed by others. The goal is to get consumers to consider BlackBerry as their device security seal.

In a statement, Alex Thurber, the BlackBerry Vice President mobility solutions indicated that in 2019 they expect to give consumers much regarding having control of their wallets as they seek to get products that offer data privacy and security.

The secure products

Among the products that BlackBerry has launched is the Cryptographic key that will enable maker of smart homes to enhance security by incorporating a microprocessor in gadgets during manufacture. The microchip changes the key whenever someone tries to hack the device which causes the device to stop working.

Similarly, BlackBerry is releasing software that can stop any unapproved code from operating on the devices. The software will be able to avert incidences like the Mirai attack of 2016 where there was a series of internet-connected devices that were hacked such as security cameras and home routers that aimed at bringing down an internet server.

They also have management service for corporate and factory devices that is designed to permit the companies to keep stringent control measures of information that is stored in these devices as well as on how they can connect with protocols such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Other companies producing secure internet devices

There are also other manufacturers that are focusing on building secure internet of things. Microsoft, for instance, has the Azure Sphere microchips that allow installation of secure chips and software by companies on their connected devices. Equally, Amazon has Amazon Web Services IoT, and Google has Android for IoT which are used to secure devices that are interconnected.

Prospects of the BlackBerry Secure products

The introduction of these devices that will enable safety of data and privacy comes at the opportune when the world is in need of protection from hackers following a series of data privacy breaches that involved Google and Facebook as well as the 2107 Equifax hack.

Consumers could thus look into having safer products and considering the reputation of BlackBerry as one of the securest phones it will be better to leverage BlackBerry in the internet of things.

The strategy that BlackBerry is integrating into their business is likely to succeed if they concentrate on healthcare and car devices where there are higher stakes in case of a hack.

BlackBerry Vice President Mobility Solutions indicates that other companies should equally take the initiative to produce safe IoT

BlackBerry Stock Movement

The latest closing of BlackBerry stock was $7.43 with a change of +2.77%. It recorded a daily low of $7.22 and a high of $7.46 with a share volume of 4.3 million. It has a market capitalization of $4.06 billion and a 52-Week range of between $6.57 and $14.55.


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