Borqs Technologies Inc (NASDAQ: BRQS) Constructions Works at the 5G Industrial Park Project Reach Completion

Borqs Technologies Inc (NASDAQ: BRQS) has come to the end of its construction works in Huzhou, China. It has been focusing on the set up of new manufacturing facilities. It takes great pride in its new microelectronics manufacturing line, terming it one of its significant achievements since its unveiling back in 2007.

The purpose of the facilities 

Borqs Technologies plans to use the facilities at Huzhou to achieve a set of its business objectives. For instance, it expresses great optimism that the facilities will significantly cut down their production costs. There are a lot of companies that rely upon the contracted third-party facilities. Borqs Technologies won’t do that and will thus save a great deal. On the other hand, the third-party facilities force companies to dig deeper into their pockets, which means extra costs. This company wants to lower its production costs, and it is already there considering its latest achievement.

Borqs Technologies reveals its plans to move a section of its manufacturing activities in-house. It projects that the new facilities will have a production capacity of almost 700,000 units of products per year. However, it acknowledges that some other forces might also come into play. For example, complexity might be a factor that might impact the production rates. Nevertheless, it looks forward to increased demand in the future.

The cellular CTA-2045 EcoPort products’ delivery to SkyCentrics

It was recently that Borqs Technologies spoke about its cellular CTA-2045 EcoPort products. It announced that it was embarking on the delivery of these products to SkyCentrics.Its new undertaking is set to benefit many companies in California and Colorado, especially the ones within the grid-interactive water heater programs. Michigan has led the way, considering its recent move where it asked for quotations with the plan to buy similar products.

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