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Boxlight Corp (NASDAQ:BOXL) Unveils Certifications Suite for Educators

Boxlight Corp (NASDAQ:BOXL) has unveiled certifications suite for educators. The company’s professional services division developed the certifications at three different levels including expert, educator, and trainer. The company aims the certification courses at processes, tools, and practices desired by the educators for using the MimioStudio and to develop the engaging and collaborative lessons. The administrators can use the structure provided by the program to adopt the software.

The EOS Education of Boxlight provides teacher centric model. It offers the certifications in a variety of formats for training that includes face-to-face workshops, on-site, instructor led online courses, self paced and blended options. It is also possible to deliver the certifications Microsoft Office 365 environment, district’s local G suite or in school.

Director (Certifications) at EOS Education, Kaela Klein said the company is proud of the courses developed in-house that facilitates the use of MimioStudio. The teachers will be confident and comfortable to use the technology in the classroom.

Boxlight acquires EOS Education

In September 2018, Boxlight took over EOS Education to enhance professional development and consulting offerings for the education market. Chief Executive Officer and Director of Boxlight, Mark Elliott said EOS education is growing at a fast pace. The company expects professional services will account for 10% of the overall revenues in 2020.

In addition, the professional development offers the training and technology to the educators. It promotes the adoption of software and hardware solutions and improves student learning.

As part of its commitment to the global partners, Boxlight developed a blend of software, hardware, and service offerings. Certifications are of great value for educators. It should be used in every classroom that utilizes MimioStudio. The company will introduce support for French, UK English, and Spanish languages towards the end of this year. It would also launch certifications for Quizdom, Boxlight, and Mimio.

Boxlight releases earnings for Q3 2018

Boxlight reported revenues of $10.2 million in Q3 2018. The company progressed into Q4 with back orders worth $4.1 million and differed revenue of over $4 million that would be recognized before the end of the year. Boxlight expects to report strong revenues of over $11 million in Q4 2018.

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