Bridgeline Digital Inc (NASDAQ: BLIN) and Singapore government Agency Sign a Multi-Year Contract with Hawksearch

Bridgeline Digital Inc (NASDAQ: BLIN) is one of the leading cloud-based software providers worldwide, and it reveals details about a new deal between Hawksearch and a Singapore government agency. The two signed a 3-year agreement that will help enhance the digital experience. The company did not disclose the terms of the contract between Hawksearch and a Singapore government agency.

The collaboration and its aspects

Bridgeline Digital speaks out regarding the agency’s undertakings, outlining that it focuses on collecting taxes that constitute up to 70% of the government’s operating revenue. It explains the turn to Hawksearch as a partner. Hawksearch happens to be well-positioned in the delivery of personalized search for each of the site visitors. 

The Singapore government agency also considered Hawksearch because of its wide-ranging eCommerce apps and the intelligent dashboard.

The arrangement defines a site search as the sort of tool that all websites could utilize outside of the eCommerce space. As a result, BLIN performed remarkably last Tuesday, with its shares scaling higher by 20.6% to settle at  $7.25 in the market session.

Recently, Bridgeline Digital spoke about how its partner network had obtained almost 20 site search licenses. The licenses in question happen to be those of  HawkSearch and Celebros.

Leaders and their thoughts on the recent developments

The CEO of Bridgeline Ari Kahn considers the expansion of their partner network to be a step in the right direction. The official takes great pride in their successful acquisition of HawkSearch and its extensive partner network, outlining that they wouldn’t have hit the major milestones alone.

 Winning licenses to major institutions and governments is a significant achievement for them, according to the leader. Bridgeline has several partners, including Oro Commerce, Salesforce, Magento, Optimizely, SAP, Shopify,, and BigCommerce.

EVP of Revenue for Bridgeline who worked HawkSearch before Michael Benedict states, “This quarter alone, our partner network has brought Bridgeline multiple six-figure sales and a diverse set of new customers in industries that include government, food supply, waste management, and electrical distributors.”  

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