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Bridgeline Digital, Inc. (NASDAQ:BLIN) Announces Expansion For Its eCommerce Capabilities Through The Release Of Birdgeline Unbound V7 Product

Bridgeline Digital, Inc. (NASDAQ:BLIN) has announced the expansion of their e-commerce enterprise abilities through enhancement of multi-site management and internationalization aided by native support. The new e-commerce features will be debuting in their Bridgeline Unbound v7 product scheduled for release in February 2019.

Investment in the Digital Experience platform

Bridgeline in the past year made a significant investment in their Digital Experience Platform which will boost the growth of the Unbound Commerce product as well as enhance expansion of their global footprint. They expect to incorporate the native support to help brands to handle internationalization and their global e-commerce expansion efficiently.

Already the platform has marketing multi-site management capabilities. Following the new rollout, marketers will be able to organize their e-commerce sites that encompass marketing information, product catalogs as well as any other content that is relevant in international markets.

What can the Bridgeline Unbound platform do?

The Bridgeline Unbound platform aims at achieving internationalization by employing market specific commerce variants that are site variations of the parent site. The variant sites work through sharing of infrastructure and a common database that is consistent with user experiences for shared style sheets, templates, and modules.

The variant sites have the capability of serving product catalogs of different market context presentation such as multinational sites as well as uniquely branded distribution sites. The configuration of the variant sites allows support of different languages, currency, payment methods, locale and shipping among others.

To complement the enhancements for internationalization of the platform Bridgeline has also developed features that will improve the administrative experience of the Unbound Commerce. The user interface gives a user a dynamic, efficient and streamlined experience that includes a commerce dashboard that is commerce driven to aggregate the commerce activities thus allowing quick management access of commerce assets.

The products and solution vice president, Carl Prizzi indicated that global expansion is very vital to their success and growth and as their customers expand into new niches the Bridgeline Unbound platform will be critical in the global messaging and branding of their products as well as management of order data and their clients efficiently.

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