Capricor Therapeutics Inc (CAPR) Selects Karimah Es Sabar to its Panel of Directors; Blueknight Energy Partners (BKEP) Announces Three-monthly Dispersals

Capricor Therapeutics (NASDAQ: CAPR) announced the selection of Karimah Es Sabar to its Panel of Directors, actually instantly. 

Sahar is a recognized front-runner

Es Sabar is an extremely considered and recognized front-runner in life disciplines business and carries over 35 years of worldwide corporate administration involvement to Capricor.

“I am pleased to welcome Ms. Sabar to our Panel of Directors,” said Linda Marbán, Ph.D., Capricor’s CEO. “Her widespread work knowledge and credentials across biotech and pharma businesses, start-ups and undertaking capital will supplement our current temperament of the Panel. Over the sequence of her occupation, she has validated management in trade development, premeditated associations and global partnerships across the life discipline business and her knowledge and forward-thinking visualization will make her a marvelous advantage to our side. Moreover, she effectively fixed the global unveiling of two first-in-class inoculation and biotherapeutic yields. We look onward to her direction as we go on board on Capricor’s next stage of evolution.”

Es Sabar commented, “It is a pleasure to join Capricor’s Panel at this electrifying stage in their enlargement. The company is an advanced leader with its late-stage CAP-1002 cell treatment database for Duchenne muscular dystrophy as well as its exclusive exosomes stage that has established such talented latent in early growth. I believe that the exceptional side and Panel at Capricor is well placed to progress these agendas and convey expressive healing novelties to tackle critical unmet requirements of patients.”

Presently, she holds the spot of CEO and Partner at Quark Venture LP, leading their worldwide fitness disciplines enterprise. Before Quark Venture, Ms. Es Sabar was President and CEO accountable for mounting and implementing the complete planned course at the Centre for Drug Research and Development (CDRD), Canada’s nationwide drug expansion and commercialization center. 

Blueknight Energy Partners LP Common Stock (NASDAQ: BKEP) Announces Three-monthly Dispersals

Blueknight Energy Partners LP Common Stock (NASDAQ: BKEP) announced that the Panel of directors of its broad-spectrum affiliate has confirmed a three-monthly cash dispersal on the partnership’s shared components of $0.04 per standard unit. In addition, it will also pay a cash circulation of $0.17875 per component on the partnership’s favored components for the quarter concluded June 30, 2021. The second quarter 2021 dispersals for both the shared and favored components stay untouched from those waged for the first quarter of 2021.

On August 13, 2021, the dispersals are due on all due shared and favored units to unitholders of record as of the conclusion of trade on August 6, 2021.

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