CEL-SCI Corporation (NYSE American: CVM) Discusses Its Phase 3 Head and Neck Cancer Trial Results after the Annual Shareholder Meeting

CEL-SCI Corporation (NYSE American: CVM) is ready to discuss its Phase 3 head and neck cancer trial results after the Annual Shareholder Meeting. The study was featuring Multikine, investigational cancer immunotherapy known to have 14 natural human cytokines. The results indicate a significant production of 14.1% 5-year survival benefit (62.7% vs. 48.6%) to those who received surgery plus radiotherapy. 

A process, which follows Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) requirements from Source Leukocytes is used to manufacture Multikine. Leukocytes is an FDA-licensed product available at CEL-SCI’s manufacturing facility near Baltimore, Maryland. Meanwhile, the company will be filing for FDA approval of Multikine. 

CEL-SCI’s Dedication to Improve Cancer Treatment Autoimmune and Infectious Diseases

Through the years, CEL-SCI has been striving to create real value for shareholders and consumers by developing innovative therapies. The company’s vision is to change the way cancer is treated by addressing unmet medical needs. And with the success of the Multikine study, which has had the largest enrolment ever in 24 countries, the corporation says it has what it takes to conquer the market with innovative therapies. 

They say they are very excited about what they currently anticipate is the final phase of the clinical development of Multikine and are hopeful of building a great company that will serve patients, doctors, and shareholders alike.

Biotech research and drug development can be a long and grueling road. However, CEL-SCI is still at it, moving on to developing technology for rheumatoid arthritis, LEAPS technology. 

There is still no known FDA approval for sale or barter exchange for LEAPS products. Nonetheless, the company has never taken shortcuts with its research or development, and neither have they given up significant marketing rights. 

You can also find the company’s operations in Virginia, Maryland, and Vienna, and the anticipation is that an improved patient’s immune system will offer a possible impact on survival. 

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