Cellect Biotechnology Ltd – ADR (NASDAQ: APOP) Files Registration In Line With Quoin Pharmaceuticals Merger

Cellect Biotechnology Ltd – ADR (NASDAQ: APOP) has disclosed details regarding filing a registration statement linked to the proposed merger with Quoin Pharmaceuticals.

Cellect Biotechnology has achieved a lot over the years by turning to its innovative technology. One of the areas it continues to witness massive success is stem cell functional selection.

Focusing on the transaction

The registration statement in question consists of a joint proxy prospectus/ statement with Quoin Pharmaceuticals. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) oversees the companies’ moves in a quest to ensure conformity to the set standards.

The privately-held Pharmaceutical company continues channeling more resources in devising working solutions to aid in dealing with rare and orphan diseases.

The leadership team at Quoin comprises industry veterans serving the company with their elaborate relevant executive experience. Quoin Pharmaceuticals has also been tapping into their proven records within the massive pharmaceutical industry. Most of them have done quite well within the sector, which has contributed immensely to its growth.

What shareholders need to know

Analysts applaud the ongoing activities and project that the transaction might close in the 2021 third quarter. They applaud Quoin’s clinical programs and their progress. The company has also succeeded at securing about $25.5 million in terms of investments. Quoin’s shareholders stand to reap from the wide-ranging benefits arising from the company’s moves.

Cellect speaks about the Contingent Value Right (CVR), outlining that it will dictate the distribution of the payments to Cellect’s pre-closing shareholders. The latest transaction is set to increase the value that the Cellect shareholders reap from the deal.

Cellect calls out to all the Stockholders, encouraging them to read definitive proxy statements more objectively. The company outlinesthat thedefinitive Proxy Statement will bear some crucial details that the shareholders need to understand. There are plans underway to mail the definitive Proxy Statement to all the shareholders in preparation for the final voting exercise.

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