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Centurylink, Inc. (NASDAQ:CTL) Unveils Its Eighth Security Operations Center In Singapore To Serve Its Asia Pacific Clients

CenturyLink, Inc. (NASDAQ:CTL) has unveiled their eighth Security Operations center in Singapore as a result of the growing demand of business turning into inbuilt network security solutions. The CenturyLink SOC will serve the Asia Pacific customers by offering them prediction capabilities that can enable them to protect as well as respond to both external and internal system security threats.

CenturyLink simplifying digital security

The Chief Security Officer of CenturyLink, Chris Betz, indicated that the company focuses on simplifying security for digital businesses. The company has ensured that security is embedded into the network to give access to customers to secure network solutions.  The system design takes into consideration the common threats in the world today, and thus they have employed a proactive approach that ensures threat mitigation without the need of additional add-on services.

The move to open a SOC in Singapore is an excellent move considering that close to 80%of Asia Pacific firms either do not have an optimal security program or they lack security proficiency. CenturyLink expects to benefit from the increased spending on security in the region because of their integrated security solutions that incorporate analytics, AI, automation and machine learning.

Asia Pacific firms facing a changing threat

Most of the organizations in the region face the evolving threat landscape which has necessitated most business to leverage hybrid systems to help them grow digitally. Simon Piff, the IT president at IDC, indicated that organizations are considering the options of buying or building a system that can withstand the threat level as well as one that has analytics capabilities to detect and respond to threats. He equally states that organizations should undertake holistic and business conscious security approaches that are predictive and proactive to secure business information and data.

The company’s global SOCs offer clients the capability being present throughout managing the advanced detection and threat prevention solutions of their business. The management capacity equally includes cloud-based firewalls, customized threat intelligence resulting from CenturyLink’s expansive global IP network, security log monitoring as well as DDoS mitigation.

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