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Centurylink Inc (NYSE:CTL) Shares Specialized Hiding Capabilities for its Multitool botnets- Necurs Developed in its in its Black Lotus Labs

Centurylink Inc (NYSE:CTL) has developed futuristic multitool botnets dubbed Necurs at its Black Lotus Labs to help sanitize the internet for its users. The company has revealed Necurs’ unique hiding features that make it indispensable in keeping the internet safe. Necurs is a specialized spam and malware distribution botnet that can be dispersed globally possessing extensive hiding capabilities to avoid detection by its target while it goes about accumulating more bots.

CenturyLinks Stock Information

The highflying internet security product has kept the company’s stock sound closing recently at $12.11, this representing a remarkable 4.76% gain. The company has a market capitalization of $13.09 billion based on the above-mentioned closing price.

According to the company’s head of the Black Lotus Labs division, Mike Benjamin, Necurs operates like a spam botnet distributing banking Trojans and ransomware as well as developing a proxy service not to mention having crypto mining and DDoS capabilities. Benjamin says, “What’s particularly interesting is Necurs’ regular cadence of going dark to avoid detection, reemerging to send new commands to infected hosts and then going dark again. This technique is one of many the reasons Necurs has been able to expand to more than half a million bots around the world.”

About Necurs

According to a publication on Necurs, Necur’s bots estimated at over half a million are globally distributed with half of the said number having been deployed to the nations of India, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Iran.

Necurs leverages on the domain generation algorithm (DGA) to avoid being detected and subsequently being neutralized by its targets. However, the DGA has its threats since the domains are known in advance, and security experts can execute bots and command and control (C2) infrastructure to derail Necurs.

CenturyLink employed several techniques to minimize Necurs risk to its customers. The company notifies other network owners of infected devices so that they can avoid malicious attacks.

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