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Cinedigm Corp (NASDAQ: CIDM) Partners with “The Country Network” to Swell Reach Through Forceful Streaming Circulation Strategy

Cinedigm Corp (NASDAQ: CIDM) announced an alliance with The Country Network to hasten its development through a firm streaming delivery policy. 

The Country Network, which is presently circulated on cable & OTA systems in more than 51 markets, features novel runs, intimate gigs, and country countdowns from many of today’s top performers.

Partnership to expand channels reach

The alliance with Cinedigm will enlarge the channel’s impression across the exploding streaming network via the making of FAST (Free Ad-Supported Television), AVOD, and MVPD donations for distribution via linked TVs, digital set-top boxes, media-streaming devices, as well as the web. 

The Country Network streaming channel is the newest toting to Cinedigm’s vast register of fan channels and amenities presently live across the broader OTT backdrop on delivery associates.  

“Country melody has one of the busiest demographics transversely the form,” said Erick Opeka, President of Cinedigm Digital Networks. “As triad cutting lasts to transpire, Cinedigm is associating with The Country Network to enlarge its spread to a vastly enthusiastic audience. Melody has been at the vanguard of digital ingestion for eras, so it’s only usual for the channel to take its next phase in the high-tech development of streaming. We’re excited to be treading in at this significant moment as we help transmission and cable grids enlarge into the fastest growing section of the ad-supported industry.”

“We are thrilled to associate with such an inventive streaming business as Cinedigm,” said Tim Eaton, President  & CEO, The Country Network. “Following the paths of Cinedigm’s past with class entertainment, TCN takes pleasure in the high quality of our matter. We record our unique displays in 4K and crystallize all the music for a lively patron experience. Working with a business leader like Cinedigm, places TCN in a situation to enlarge the family of audiences while conveying a high-quality entertaining network.”

The versatility of streaming has permitted The Country Network to break away from outdated country melody markets

Lovers of country music are the uppermost devouring per capita demographic, with patrons heeding approximately an hour more of music every day. The flexibility of streaming has allowed The Country Network to break away from old-style country music markets and has established fan bases across the nation. With increasing acceptance, The Country Network has nurtured new innovative programming while enduring to please fans with hours of country music every day. The Country Network has very devoted and excited listeners that devote 3.6 hours on average per sitting watching the grid.

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