Citius Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ: CTXR) Pronounces The Addition Of Dr. John Laffey To Its Scientific Advisory Board

The stock of Citius Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ: CTXR) was maintained at $3.23.This company is pleased to usher in a leading scholar in Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) to its scientific advisory board. The new official is called Dr. John Laffey, and he is expected to be of great value in helping the company make tremendous steps forward in business. 

Laffey to collaborate with top experts 

Dr. Laffey will work alongside some big names in the company including Dr. Perenlei Enkhbaatar, Dr. Mitchell M. Levy, and Dr. Michael A. Matthay, Dr. Lorraine B. Ware. The unique attribute about the board members in question is that each of them happens to be an outstanding key opinion leader (KOL) experienced in handling acute lung disorders. 

President and Chief Executive Officer of Citius Myron Holubiak opines, “We are delighted to welcome John to our distinguished ARDS Scientific Advisory Board and look forward to leveraging his deep insights and decades of hands-on experience with ARDS to advance our proprietary i-MSC program.”

Holubiak’s take on the recent development

Holubiak considers the new official to be a great addition to the team, citing his expertise and recognition in acute lung disorders. He also speaks out about the leader’s outstanding research in gene and stem cell-based therapies, outlining that such efforts have contributed immensely to the discovery of outstanding solutions for the treatment of ARDS. 

The company looks forward to tapping into the leader’s expertise, outlining its focus on the exploration of new and working therapies to assist struggling patients. It is currently mobilizing resources towards developing an i-MSC master cell bank which will be rather useful in the future. The company reveals that it has plans underway to conduct new trials in the future and that John’s expertise and guidance will be rather useful. 

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