Climate Chang Cris Real Impact I Acq Corp (NASDAQ: EVGO) and Recargo Collaborate in Joint Efforts to Accelerate EV Market Growth

Climate Chang Cris Real Impact I Acq Corp (NASDAQ: EVGO) has channeled $25 million in an all-cash transaction to purchase an e-mobility software company called Recargo. It is a transaction that joins two EV leaders and first-movers with massive customer bases and outstanding expertise under a common goal.

Focus on the developmental aspects

The CEO of EVgo, Cathy Zoi, says they have been relentless in enhancing the customer experience and the growth of their driver base. Zoi speaks about how they have been working on developing innovative software to serve their need to improve the charging experience. 

He opines, “ Recargo’s PlugShare platform has become the go-to mobile app for EV drivers. EVgo and Recargo’s combined software expertise will make driving an EV and charging it even easier — and more delightful. Together, we will extend and accelerate the reach of our business while continuing to shape the future of EV charging.”

The company was founded back in 2009, and it is easy to see how it continues making steps that make it stand out as a technology leader and EV first mover.

One of the most extraordinary moves has been establishing a vast EV community called PlugSahre, consisting of over 3 million unique driver app downloads worldwide1.

An outlook at PlugShare’s growth

PlugShare’s growth has been massive. One way to look at such growth is to consider its rise to become a go-to source for finding and choosing public EV charging, rating charging experiences via the proprietary PlugScore feature, and sharing experiences with other drivers. The others are planning EV trips, rating charging experiences via the proprietary PlugScore feature, and paying for charging.

The COO of EVgo Ivo Steklac has termed their latest acquisition a step in the right direction. The leader believes that they have a lot to gain from the great technical team as they focus on tapping into their great technical team into the fold to climb to the next level of business success. 

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