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Cognitive Collaboration Hubs of Nokia (NYSE:NOK) Helps Operators Develop 5G Networks And Apply AI Techniques And Strengthen Customer Relationships

Nokia (NYSE:NOK) closed the previous trading at $6.15 on a volume of 25.8 million shares. The stock has been trading cautiously and is above its 50-day Moving average of $6.03.

Nokia has unveiled cognitive collaboration hubs to help the operators develop 5G networks and apply AI techniques to improve the safety of the drivers. The new data science centers bring enterprises, Nokia, and operators under one roof and create AI-powered use cases.

Driver Behavior Analytics is one such case to analyze the road conditions and driver performance and improve road safety. The operators can host the development of AVA cognitive services platform of Nokia, reduce to the time to market and enhance ROI in data analytics.

Nokia is building cognitive collaboration hubs on achieving the success of cloud collaboration hubs established in the year 2018. The company is developing new hubs on increased interest in innovative cloud-based capabilities from the operators. The operators use the hubs to tackle the challenges by applying AI techniques and data analytics.

Nokia would use the agile processes to develop use cases jointly, validate and make them operational in just a few weeks. The areas of interest include network operations, data monetization, network performance, and customer experience.

Nokia focuses on machine learning for 5G network

Nokia would use machine learning to plan and improve the 5G network for US operators. The company offers help in identifying the best location or in optimizing the beam configurations for better coverage. According to the Director (Telecom and technology software) at Global Data, John Byrne, the network operators intend to improve the network operations by deploying Artificial Intelligence Techniques. They intend to embrace the Nokia developed cloud-based capabilities to improve customer relationship.

Nokia tests AI-based techniques in Turkey

Nokia is testing the AI techniques based on machine learning along with Turk Telecom in Turkey. The company uses AVA cognitive services platform and MIKA, an AI assistant, to conduct the tests on fixed networks and new generation mobile networks. It is an example of operators worldwide using the cognitive services of Nokia.

Head (Cognitive Services Unit) at Nokia, Dennis Lorenzin said cognitive collaboration hubs of Nokia promote the expansion of AI service capabilities and data analytics. Commercial enterprises and automotive industry would benefit a lot from innovative services of Nokia. However, the 5G trials supported by the government hit a roadblock in India. It allows the free 5G trials for just three months.

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