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Color Star Technology Co Ltd (NASDAQ: CSCW) Unveils Virtual and Offline Shows in Dubai and USA for fall 2021

Color Star Technology Co Ltd (NASDAQ: CSCW) announced the dates of its fall carnival live concerts it will be hosting in Dubai and the United States beginning October 2021. The stock lost 9.17% and closed at $1.09 on a volume of 3.16 million shares.

After large number of people in many countries having received their Covid 19 Vaccinations, a number of these states have started the process of allowing live events to be held in their geographies. As a result, color Star has decided to hold in person concerts and music festivals starting October this year. The company is in the entertainment Technology space has its business divided into two segments, live entertainment, and online technology. With the ravages of the epidemic slowly ebbing away, it plans to start its live concert and music festivals as soon as possible.

It plans to host two live music festivals in Dubai, and the US where electronic dance music will be played and more than 100,000 people are expected to feature. Speaking on the developments, the company CEO, Mr. Luke Lu, commented: “The long-awaited live music fiesta will soon come live. This music festival features electronic music, and the company will call top DJs and unique bands from around the world to present. Furnished with top-notch skill and paraphernalia, the company will create a fully “intelligent” dream stage. I trust that our music festival site will bring our spectators a brand-new live experience. In the meantime, this music festival will also be aired concurrently online, where we will employ virtual reality (VR) technology to give online viewers an improved experience that bears a resemblance to live events on scene.”

Color Star is a technology company with a robust entertainment core. The company trusts its entertaining plusses and fortes to generate an impeccable offline and online business. The grouping of these two gives the Company collaboration as well as a more spread business model, where more entertaining features will augment the online experience.

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