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Consolidated Communications Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ:CNSL) In A Strategic Partnership With AT&T To Increase Subscription

Consolidated Communications Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ:CNSL) acknowledged that potential customers might find it hard to apply for its services. As such, the firm agreed to work alongside AT&T, a telecommunications giant to address the issue. Further, the partnership could be a strategic step to reach many more North Americans that would want access to its services.

CNSL leveraging AT&T’s huge subscriber base

AT&T is a dominant player in the telecommunications sector of the continent. This is to say that the firm access to millions of customers more than Consolidated Communications. As such, the decision for Consolidated Communications to work with the firm is likely to culminate into many more subscribers to the firm’s services.

By 2017, AT&T boasted over 140 million connections in the United States making it the dominant player by subscription base. Further, the company employs over 240,000 people spread across various departments and subsidiaries. This gives a sneak peek into what it means to work with the company concerning access to customers. Therefore, it is evident that the agency to strike a deal with the firm is quite right and warranted.

Responding to the changing landscape of customer care

In the deal, Consolidated Communications potential and existing customers can purchase services through AT&T. Further, the customers will be able to get customer care support by calling AT&T contacts. Interestingly, the firm insisted that AT&T will be a façade and that all the equipment installation and service provision will strictly be a Consolidated Communications affair.

Further, customers that subscribe to DIRECTV who decide to bundle TV and internet service will receive bonuses. In particular, such customers will be eligible to a 12-month DIRECTV credit subject to some terms and conditions. Interestingly, these customers will receive the same high-speed internet that customers who purchase services directly from CNSL receive.

Commenting on the developments, Rob Koester, a Vice President at CNSL said, “As customer relationships continue to evolve, it is vital that we recognize the value of expanding our sales channel with strategic alliances.”

This is to say that CNSL’s commitment to serving its customers well knows no limit. Notably, the firm estimates that this strategy will most certainly deliver positive results.

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