Technology Stocks Signs Deal with Visa Inc (NYSE:V) To Roll Out Fiat Lending Services has signed a new business deal with Visa Inc (NYSE:V). This Hong Kong-based payment and cryptocurrency platform targets unveiling fiat lending against bitcoin. If possible, it will apply the same to the rest of the cryptocurrencies. According to, the Visa Card will streamline the service delivery and offer customers a great experience. I set to enjoy principal membership. In other words, the cryptocurrency platform will be able to tap into Visa’s network in Australia. has witnessed significant growth so far was launched in November 2018 in Singapore and has since then made tremendous steps in the business world. For example, the prepaid Visa Card featured among the most competitive cards linked to bitcoin.

Sources point to the prepaid Visa Card as one of the most effective Visa programs, and that is based on its coverage. The program covers about 31 markets spread out across the U.S, U.K, Europe, and Canada. It was in July last year that the Visa program launched in the U.S. plans fop brighter days ahead targets user experience improvement with its leading services, starting with how they will quickly make crypto conversions into their supported fiat currencies. Some examples of supported fiat currencies include the British pound, U.S. dollar, euro, and others. says it is impressed with the steps it has made so far, considering customer empowerment. The platform pointed to how users make payments with their debit cards and also make cash withdrawals. However, the users will only accomplish the above activities in areas where the Visa is accepted.

The Visa principal membership is a step in the right direction because it sets on the path to engaging in the direct issuance of the Visa Card. The platform has its eye fixed on Australia, with plans to expand out to other new markets. Sources indicate that the company is currently focusing on strategies to ship cards in Korea, Middle East, Latin America, Japan, Africa, and Turkey. The company’s goal is to expand beyond the China borders.

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