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Customers Save Over $1000 in First Year On Switching Over To Latest Samsung Galaxy S10 Series Of Sprint Corp (NYSE:S)

The stock of Sprint Corp (NYSE:S) trades at $6.48 when it announced the offering of a pair of Samsung Galaxy S10. It now trades at $6.35 with little change in the price. Its market cap is $26.43 billion. The company is expected to post an EPS growth of 62.22% in 2020.

Sprint lures the customers with an offer of next-generation Samsung Galaxy Phones. The customers can enjoy savings of over $1,000 in the first year on choosing its lease plan when compared to peers like AT&T and Verizon.

Galaxy at Sprint retail store

The customers can visit the Sprint retail store for their favorite Samsung Galaxy Phones. Its online store also offers Galaxy S10+, Galaxy S10, and Galaxy S10e beginning March 8, 2019. It accepts pre-orders for new flagship phones.

Michel Combes, Chief Executive Officer of Sprint, congratulated Samsung for its Galaxy phones completing ten years saga. The customers of Sprint cannot wait any longer to experience the best phone – Galaxy S10. The company is excited to introduce a new generation Smartphone to the customers in alliance with Samsung as it plans to launch 5G.

Receive a second phone on pre-order

The customers, who order a Galaxy S10, S10e, or S10+phone, will get a second phone for free. This offer is for a limited time. The company makes these phones affordable when customers choose the lease option. The customers need to pay a monthly rental of $31.25 for Galaxy S10e, $37.5 for Galaxy S10, and $41.67 for Galaxy S10+. Sprint plans to offer 5G Samsung Smartphone this summer.

Sprint would introduce 5G services in Kansas City, Dallas, Atlanta, and Chicago in May 2019. It offers coverage for 30 sq. Miles in lower Manhattan and Midtown. CEO said Sprint would launch 5G service in 9 markets initially. It will offer 5G services in more places on merging with T-Mobile. The customers will first enjoy the 5G services from Sprint. The company is conducting the field trial of 5G services in multiple markets such as Atlanta and Los Angeles. The visitors at Mobile World Congress have time to experience the 5G service of Sprint.

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